A Easter Egg Theme Lesson: Autism Acceptance Month

In honor of Autism Acceptance month, I am sharing a fun lesson I do with my students AND giving you a chance to enter a raffle for a ten dollar TPT card ( April 2017).

I love using themes in my lessons. It helps students make connections and allows for multiple repetitions of vocabulary words. My K-2 school has a classroom of five students with multiple strengths and needs who require that I adapt and individualize when I do a language group in that room.

I always begin with an  Attention set I find that I am running from somewhere else they are transitioning to the group table so it gives everyone the directions they need to be successful.

I then share the schedule for the session. I use both pictures and words and we cross off the activities as we go.

This week we worked on the book 5 Little Easter Eggs on sale April 7,2017

I have several versions of this so I can differentiate in the group. I have two students that need the interactive story. I have been so excited to see them saying the words as they put the pictures in the correct page.

I have two students that are readers so they have the books that have words.

I have another student that is a beginning reader so he has the rebus read.

I use the large size book to read to the group while they are reading their mini books.

After the story which is about each member of the family eating a different colored egg I have them make a request for a plastic egg color. I have a simple script that they ‘read’ to ensure that they are requesting in a full sentence. They then open the egg and there is another vocabulary word in the egg. They then tell the group, using another sentence script, what was in their egg.

Then while they are putting the eggs back together I hide eggs in their play area for them to find. I had youngest to oldest find the eggs one at a time and I gave them a bag and told them to find two. We laughed and cheered as they went one by one to find the eggs. I put small toys in them and let them keep the toys and give me back the eggs.

Finally, we colored the Easter basket picture. This had the children who were so excited calm down prior to going to their next activity.

What are some of your favorite things to do with plastic eggs?

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  1. I would spend the gift card on on materials to send home over spring break! We still have one more week of school!

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