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When I began this blog its original purpose was to assist my speech and language pathology students in their clinic. It was a place they could refer back to about evidenced-based therapy, paperwork, behavior management, lesson plans, and suggestions for materials.

It expanded to include graduate students in special education that were learning about speech and language disorders as part of their masters in special education. More blogs were added about reading, writing, and academics.

I am in my 42nd year as a  practicing speech and language pathologist.  When you get to my age your licenses and certification start to bear the distinction ” life-member”,  I suppose that this is true I have had a lifetime of being in a field that I love!

This blog site is education-based and I am shifting to a website that will have the same content and MORE!  I am very excited about this change and look forward to continuing the discussion with so many of the wonderful people I have met through this site.

If you would love to continue to follow my blogs I would love it!  The new space has the same name Click here to be lead to it RAKOVIC SPEECH AND LANGUAGE CHAT

Thanks for being part of my journey!

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