Creating Excitement in Distance Learning

As I transition to distance learning I am learning new things every day. Some of what I have learned is that there is even a greater need to think about what will motivate your students to show up and complete the work you assign. You are competing with activities that are much more interesting to the student. This week during an online treatment session one of my students kept looking out the window at her friends continuing their game. Another student said ” No offense, but how long will this take I am at a great level of my game.”

I began these weeks of distance learning by composing two videos one for my elementary students and one for my middle school students to give them some ideas of what will happen during this time.

The elementary school students called me Queen Rakovic as my daughter-in-law works at my school too. I have fun being the Queen as I visit the classroom.

This year my caseload at the middle school we have been doing project-based assignments that have been very hands-on from Lego Movies to Escape rooms. The transition to distance learning is much more complicated for them and I have given them choices on how we will proceed to fit their IEP goals as well as their personal preferences.

I am sending rewards by email of GONOODLE I also send certificates of achievement.

At Google Meets I am animated and use props and screen share to keep the student engaged. I use some of the same strategies that I use when we are in person.

  • Have a schedule of activities so that the students know what the expectations are.
  • Begin the session with a check-in
  • Recognize the emotional and attentional levels of the student to adjust treatment accordingly.
  • Spend some time with the family to give them ideas and supports.

What adjustments have you needed to make in your treatment plans?

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