Writing Recommendations in a Speech and Language Report

Have you ever skipped to the end of a book to preview how the story will come out?  This is a good way of thinking about how to write recommendations on a report. Some of your readers may have skipped to what they may consider the ‘juicy’ part.

Think of the waiter that is giving you the specials of the day. He does not just say “tuna” he completely describes the dish, “Blackened yellowfin tuna sliced over mashed red bliss potatoes, fire roasted sweet pepper relish and creole mustard cream sauce”. This is how we should be giving recommendations. We need to completely describe what we are offering as a suggestion so that others may follow it.

It is better to write three good recommendations rather than a laundry list that could be applied to a number of students with the same diagnosis. These are often not regarded as people recognize that they are the same ones they read in a different child’s report.

It is also important not to name a very specific product in a recommendation but rather describe the features of the product. Think of the key features that are essential to a student’s success. This is especially important as resources, especially technology, are always evolving and a new product with the same key features might be a better fit.


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