But I Am Still Confused! More Help in Writing Social Skills Goals

When we are writing goals although we are looking at the big picture we need to narrow down our topic so that it is achievable in the time that we to work with the student.

If we have a child who is having some significant social behavioral difficulties this means we need to dissect or make an analysis of what is the baseline and what is the next step.

There are some questions that you may need to ask yourself. You may want to complete a checklist of skills to help determine what social goal you want to work on.

Secondary School Success Checklist_2013

This is from © 2013 Center on Secondary Education for Students with ASD (CSESA). The university of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

This website has a list of skills divided into different categories.

Middle School Social Skill List

If you are using Michelle Garcia Winner’s treatment approach there is a suggested starting point.

Getting Started in Social Thinking

Thinking about social skills can be daunting but if you break down the skills it will become easier for you to make a plan.

Jill Kuzma has a wonderful website with a variety of ideas.

IEP/Treatment Plan Objective Ideas

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