What are you wishing for?


In preparation for TPT’s big sale, I am joining a group of other bloggers to showcase what is most wished listed in our stores, and comments on these products to give you an idea of some great products.


This was my first product and still my best seller and most wished for. It was recently updated to include 100 songs. If there are ones not there that you are ‘wishing’ for I am happy to try to add them.  Here is a comment from a buyer.

On  July 14, 2016,  Ginny K. said:
I love this product. I was looking for an easy way to incorporate more music into my morning circle time. Now my students get to choose what they would enjoy singing. Definitely, a fun way to encourage a child lead program!
This product I made as I have students that have difficulty communicating. I needed a way to assist them in being independent in certain communication tasks so that we were not having people say ” Say Hello” but rather the student would read the card. As they got very good at this I added more single word exchanges but then also had a series of sentence exchanges around a single topic. Here is a comment from a buyer:
On  October 23, 2015,  Shannon G. said:
These have been great visuals to help one of my students with ASD attempt to initiate interactions with peers and teachers. He typically uses 1-word utterances. Using these picture he’s attempting 2-3 words where appropriate.
I often use this with the song choice board. When the child makes the choice of “Wheels on the Bus”  I pull out this interactive song board so they can also make the choices of which verse we sing. A customer said
On  September 13, 2015,  Annette W. said:
My kids really enjoyed this
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