I am so grateful for all the support that my TPT store has had this year and I want to show a little bit of love. I will have a TPT gift card giveaway as part of a blog hop.

I am a speech and language pathologist working both in the public schools as well as at the university level. In the schools, I conduct both individual, group and whole class lessons so my products have been used in these environments. I will post some examples of what you will find.


I have several interactive nursery rhyme packets that have several levels of support including interactive rebus readers. There are also for many of them conversation cards as there is a theme to the nursery rhyme. In Jack and Jill, the conversation is about a time that the child may have gotten hurt. How many of us have children pointing out some minor cut wanting to go to the nurse?  It is a topic that they love so great to teach those students with communication difficulties.


I also have some language games. I find that so many of my students have a difficulty asking and answering questions. This is a fun simple game that can be played three ways and will increase vocabulary, receptive and expressive language skills.


One of my most popular products is a song choice board. This has over 100 songs that the child can request be sung. It also has some sentence strips so that the child can say ” I want ——”  or ” I don’t like ——“. It is great for circle time activities.


I have several book companions that all have multi-day lesson plans that highlight teaching Tier Two vocabulary and story grammar. Many of these are multi-cultural. There are many visual supports as well as a parent letter.

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  1. Since I am new to second grade ( but not to teaching), I would spend my gift certificate on new grade level items. I also plan to spend it on holiday items and possibly genius hour items.

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