What Are You Bringing to Dinner? A Language Game


My students love this game!

You have been invited to a Potluck dinner What are you bringing to the potluck? Can we guess what it might be? This is a receptive/expressive language activity that can be played multiple ways.

I was trying to have my students be able to build their ability to problem solve, ask questions, put together clues in an organized way to make inferences and to categorize.

When we tried some of the commercial games that have this same kind of guessing they needed more support. They either would not know how to describe the picture or they would be disorganized in the giving or understanding of the clues.

Have the child pick a card and not show it to the others. The other students can try to guess what he is bringing to the potluck by asking questions (visual supports included).

Have the group know what the student is bringing and have them give him clues to figure it out. You can have the child leave the room and you show the group and then the child comes back in or you have the child sit in a chair with his back to the class and someone can hold the card up.

Categories were the hardest for them to label. I decided that I would separate out the categories and while I was doing the game I would emphasize the category. The cue cards then would help them know what they should be asking.


There are two different sets  of these. I play with these cue cards for a couple of rounds and then I give extra points if they begin to be able to ask the question without the cue card.

I play this in several different ways:

  1. The group knows the picture and the child needs to ask questions to determine what the picture is.
  2. The child knows the picture and gives cues to the group to guess.
  3. Another fun activity is to have the child pick a picture from the pack and not show it to anyone but say ” I am going to dinner and I am bringing_________( ex. turkey).”  Then the next child will pick a card and say ” I am going to dinner and I am bringing—–( ex. turkey and pie). The next child will pick a card and say ” I am going to dinner and I am bringing—–(ex. turkey, pie, and apples).

One of the other benefits of this game is for those children that I am working on social language it becomes a perfect game for the back and forth between the participants with the cue cards working as conversation cues. There is more ‘body in the group’ as the children need to be facing one another to give the clues.

There are 44 different pictures of different food items.img_3039-1

The product can be found here What Are You Bringing For Dinner?

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