Some Sample Clinical Goals Fall 2016: How to Write


Wish that writing therapy goals were as simple as child’s play but alas they are not.

In the clinic, there is a need to write these goals according to the practices that you learned in pre-practicum.  Here is a PowerPoint that explains the procedure. Writing Goals and Objectives (1) According to URI

I will put some examples here but you can also search my blog for other ones from years past.

Julia wrote this one:

Baseline level of performance: At the beginning of the semester (9/21) AB correctly identified 2/10 Story Grammar Marker Elements (character, setting). This puts her at Stage 1: Descriptive Sequence in Mindwig Concept Inc.’s narrative developmental sequence.

Goal I: GP will improve her receptive language skills when listening to clinician-read fictional texts.

Objective I-1: GP will correctly identify the actions in stories read aloud by the clinician to reach Stage 2: Action Sequence in the narrative developmental sequence.

Note that Julia’s baseline helps her then define her goal. This child was at the descriptive stage of Narrative Development Sequence and therefore her goal is to go up one stage

Ali wrote the below one, note that she is moving from word level to sentence level based on her probing.This child had been unable to produce the /sh/ at the syllable level the previous semester so this is a great deal of growth!

Baseline level of performance: When probing Charlie in the first session, he achieved 100% accuracy with /sh/ and /ch/ words at the word level.
Goal: Charlie will increase his intelligibility in conversational speech.

Objective 1-1: CharlieN will improve his articulation at the sentence level of /sh/ and /ch/ words in all positions to 90% accuracy.

Here is a format that might assist you in writing goals

From a baseline of  ___, the student will….

  • perform a specific skill
  • a specified number of times
  • under specified conditions
  • at a specified level of achievement
  • for a specific length of time.


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