Phonological Approach to Speech Therapy



ASHA, the American Speech, Language,and Hearing Association  clarifies that ” Articulation approaches target each sound deviation and are often selected by the clinician when the child’s errors are assumed to be motor-based; the aim is the correct production of the target sound(s).

Phonological approaches target a group of sounds with similar error patterns, although the actual treatment of exemplars of the error pattern may target individual sounds. Phonological approaches are often selected in an effort to help the child internalize phonological rules and generalize these rules to other sounds within the pattern (e.g., final consonant deletion, cluster reduction). Both approaches might be used in therapy with the same individual at different times or for different reasons.” emphasis added .

This blog will be on phonological approaches.

There are many resources out there to help you work with your students including:

Audio for at home auditory bombardment: Illinois school system

Website with free resources including assessments

Table with ages that the phonological processes should be eliminated


Hart-Cycles Approach Handout

Bowen screener

American Speech and Hearing Association recommendations

Treatment Efficacy: Functional Phonological Disorders in Children

What are your favorite resources or activities for phonological processes treatment?

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38 comments on “Phonological Approach to Speech Therapy
  1. Read! This was a great reminder of the phonological processes we covered in class last semester and it is always helpful to have more resources for future reference!

  2. Very helpful. We don’t get a whole lot of info about treating phonological disorders so this is definitely a valuable resource.

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