Using Sentence Starters for Writing Practice

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This week we worked on practicing our grammar. We first reviewed the parts of speech we have gone over. I love using whiteboards as it allows me to quickly review all the student’s understanding of the concepts. I use the program Framing Your Thoughts by Project Read as it is a multisensory program that systematically teaches the writing process.

After a review of grammar, I gave the students a sentence starter. As it was Valentine’s day it had that as a theme. I projected a sample and gave the project as a quick write. ( The project was to use Conversation hearts however our school’s has a  no snack policy so we drew the hearts instead.)

It is so exciting to see that the students are now able to get to work quickly. We then had a share with a positive peer comment. The students were excellent in giving meaningful critiques, complimenting novel sentences, drawings and the use of complex sentences.


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