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In the schools, for the most part, I use the 5 Minute Articulation treatment approach, 5-minute kids.  This was developed by Susan Sexton to maximize the treatment time and minimize the time out of the class. A research paper can be found here.5-minute kid ResearchArticle

Although I use her materials I also use other materials that give me the amount of productions needed for progress. I see the student individually and they do not hear other children’s incorrect production but rather they hear my correct model.  I typically will start with a homework sheet and I warm up by having the child produce the target sound in isolation and then in syllables depending upon the position of the sound they are working on. I write this on the back of their worksheet. I then review the front practice sheet. I love the Jumbo Book of Articulation from Super Duper for this practice. I then use the Articulation Station IPAD app  I use this as data collection and it has words, phrases, sentences, and stories.  This allows me to see a child multiple times a week and to reinforce practice at home.  I have had great success with providing treatment this way as oppose to group treatment.

I really like to use the Little Bee Articulation Test. I use it both for initial assessment but also for progress monitoring Little Bee Speech Articulation Test Center.  Mommyspeech ( Heidi) Mommy Speech Therapy website also has provided a quick paper screener Articulation screener.


In the clinic, however, we are seeing the students for a longer period of time and perhaps not as many days a week.  We, therefore, have the additional difficulty of ensuring that we are engaging the client for the time they are there while never losing sight of the number of productions they need to make.

Here are a number of great blogs and activities that you might consider when you are working with a child with an articulation problem.Articulation Pinterest.

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