The Care and Feeding of Your Supervisor!

Be nice

How to make a good impression on your clinicial supervisor

  • Be a nice human: Remember your supervisor is also a human we exist beyond the clinic.
  • Be on time: When you are late this causes stress. Things happen just make sure that you call or text if something happens
  • Be honest: If life got in the way of you completing your work tell me so I can help you plan better for the next time.
  • Be realistic: If you send something late at night don’t expect that your supervisor is waiting at the computer for your email.
  • Be open to learning new things
  • Be organized: Keep your lesson plans, data and reports organized this will help you as you progress across the semester.

What are some of the hints you would give student clinicians?

As in all things, everything is a two-way street. What are some of the things that you expect your supervisor to be.  How can I make this semester a good one for you. Two-Way-Street

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5 comments on “The Care and Feeding of Your Supervisor!
  1. These are very realistic expectations and straightforward. It is great to know that you are available with suggestions to help us be better planners/organizers if we struggle. Thank you!

  2. Read! Thank you for saying this. It makes me feel supported knowing you’re willing to work with us if as you said “life” happens.

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