Supporting the clinician that comes after you.


Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a blueprint that helped to spell out how to work with a child?  There are times that you need more than reading reports or IEP documents but hands on advice from someone who has seen the student previously.

This semester I would like you to create this tool box for the next clinician. For each of the clients, I would like you to do a simple cover sheet with basic information on it.Cover Sheet for binder

Next I would like you to either photograph your material or provide a sample of any specialized material that the next clinician can then just use.  If there are any materials that you also want to keep let me make a copy for you. So for example, if you used an adapted song or folder activity provide a copy of this material or a reference and picture of where it might be obtained.  Some students do better when they begin with a new person doing an activity that is familiar to them

Old MacDonald Sept 17d


If there are any helpful hints about materials or procedures that you are using include them in the discussion of materials. So for example, one little boy when using the above material would start singing the alphabet song after the EIEIO. So for this child, this did not meet his needs whereas another child with a limited verbal language it was perfect for as they began to be able to say the vowel sounds.

Finally, I would like you to make a recording of a session in action more toward the end of the semester so that the next clinician can also picture not only the child but also the sequence and timing of the session.

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