5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed! Using the poem in therapy

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Five Little Monkeys Jumping on a Bed

This is a fun poem about five monkeys jumping on the bed!

The first part is appropriate for those children that are readers or to can be read to the child.

The second part has a pictures and words in a rebus read.

The third part has both the rebus read as well as a place for single pictures for the students to interact with the text.

The fourth part has two pages of pictures that can be used to act out the story

I find that I have a variety of students that I work with and having the same story in several different editions help to support all my students. I store them in a folder then give each child the edition that is appropriate for them.

I use this story for a variety of students from students
Preschool, kindergarten, and first graders as part of a poem choice

Fluency cases to practice smooth speech

Beginner readers as it has a repeating sentence feel more confident reading the book.

Bonus: I put in an expected and unexpected behavior pictures in as this is a perfect poem to reinforce this concept. The monkeys were not to jump on the bed and when they did they fell.

I have been having fun with the students with this new material to my TPT store.5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed.

My students with significant disabilities have enjoyed acting out the monkeys jumping and loved the expected and unexpected pictures. The students use a trampoline in their class so they further practiced this by jumping on the trampoline.

My kindergarten fluency, articulation, and language cases enjoyed reading the story together while they practiced smooth speech. They enjoyed taking turns putting the pictures in the correct spots.boysmonkey

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