Happy 2016: New thing I will try this new year!

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I am always looking for ways to connect with families and include them in their child’s treatment. This has meant homework for my articulation children, and vocabulary letters to my language children with a note that they can get a vocabulary keychain from me to review the words that their child is having difficulty with.

I give the students goal sheets that have 3 short term goals that are written in a way a child would understand them and they have a picture on them that the children pick.

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When the child has achieved 30 stickers they get a prize and a note from me to their parents about the progress that they had made. Add this to the formal progress notes quarterly and I was thinking that this gave me great communication with families, however, I still get some emails asking me ” Are you still seeing my child ?”.

As I work with a K-2 population their communication with their parents is often inaccurate.  The parent might ask the child have you seen Mrs. Rakovic and the child will say ‘no’ however for some of the children they know me as the ‘Queen’ or they don’t think that the fact that I taught a lesson in their classroom is the same thing as ‘seeing’ me.

So for the new year, I will write a monthly newsletter that explains some of the concepts that I am using with their child.

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