Slide1speechless2I am linking up with Kim from Activity Tailor to share an experience that made me speechless!

I love my job, every day there is something that makes me smile.

My day job is at a kindergarten to 2nd-grade school. There is a young boy who had been described as unmotivated. He reminds me of a surfer dude, as he tosses his bangs off his forehead and leans back in his chair. Reading and writing are a struggle for him and his body typically becomes very rigid and he begins to whine “It’s too hard.” I have recently begun working with him and using a blended approach with time on a computer program coupled with in-class support and individual work. I always have the children make a goal sheet with a favorite item pictured on it and a small objective written on it, they get to take the picture home with the goal accomplishment when they have made progress across three sessions ( more about that incentive program here;Incentives) The small increments of encouragement and direction motivate my students and he was no exception. I could not stop smiling one day when I saw him tell a student next to him to keep trying that things get easier with practice!  He had taken charge of his own learning and now was preaching work ethic to his peers.

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  1. Thank you so much for linking up and what a wonderful scene you’ve shared. There’s little better than having students carry through with ideas you’ve instilled!

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