Use what you have!

Recently a graduate student stated that they wanted to use a time timer but did not have one.timer

Using a time timer is a great thing.Time-Timer-with-Pictograms-homeset

It is visual. It clearly indicates the time for the person. HOWEVER, we don’t always have access to a time timer or sometimes the battery has run out what are we to do…….Do you have a smartphone?  You can both use a free timer app on it or if you want to be fancy there is an app for a time timer.

This had me thinking of other things that sometimes we need to be creative in what we are using.  Once I lost my bingo chips so we substituted squares of construction paper. The children loved it! So now  during the holidays I will substitute picture squares. During a recent Halloween activity,we used pictures of costumed children rather than bingo chips.

There have been times that my picture schedule has mysteriously vanished or I have been asked to cover a student unexpectedly. I then use a white board to write or draw out a schedule.

What have you needed to substitute?  How has it worked?


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