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Behavior Incentives:

Everyone has a different opinion on behavioral strategies. When I am working with a full class I use the Whole Brain Scorecard which has the happy face and the sad face on a T-Chart. It is described more fully here.



If we have more positives than negatives we get to do a Gonoodle a favorite site for active short fun videoes some of which are only a minute.


When I am working with a small group I use a sticker chart and a token tower to keep track and reward and encourage positive behavior. It allows me to silently reward behavior, effort, and correct answers etc.

token tower

The sticker charts that I use have about 30 spaces so the rewards are not earned that frequently. I gather small toys, cast off toys, dollar store bargains, and sale items that cost me at the most $1.00. I have found that this strategy has been very helpful for increasing positive behavior, giving a visual to a child without interrupting the flow of the lesson as well as it is very motivating to the child. As in all things you need to consider the individual child and if it is appropriate for that particular child. I know I have several more impacted students that this incentive has no meaning so they work for a specific reward ( time pretending at the end of the session, iPad time etc.).

Each child that I work with also has an individual goal that is reviewed with them.

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 5.05.09 PM

What are some of the ways that you motivate your students?

None of this needs to be costly. Below is a place to get printable sticker charts free online

Stickers and charts


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  1. Read! It’s true that sometimes verbal reinforcement isn’t enough and we need to give them that specific incentive/challenge.

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