How do you determine how much time to give a child in therapy?


When I was studying to be a speech and language pathologist back in the dark ages there was a topic of discussion ” Is it art or is it science?”  This discussion is definitely applicable to determining treatment time.

You do need to look at the data in determining the time for treatment, but it is also the student’s response to treatment that needs to be considered both for time and service delivery model.

There are however some resources that can give some assistance in looking at student time.




As research into the field continues, we need to adjust to this research. One thing that I have changed over time is my work with articulation cases.  In the past, I might have seen my articulation students in a group but now I am seeing them individually for a short period of time over multiple days. I am finding that this has increased the proficiency of the students and I am able to discharge earlier than when I did group treatment.

I had recently been asked by a special education administrator ” What is the magic about 2×30?”  We need to be able to defend our time and vary it according to the specific needs of the individual child.

How do you determine speech treatment time?

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