I love how music aids language!

Old MacDonald Sept 17d

Old MacDonald is a favorite song of the students that I work with.  This simple song has  choice making and  a sentence request board.  This particular song is great for language learning.

  • It is an easy melody for children to learn
  • The repeating chorus helps students who are either English Language Learners or Language Learning Disabled as there is less language complexity to learn these lines allowing them to join in quickly.
  • The animal sounds are very easy for a child to make as the majority are consonant- vowel combinations
  • Animals are a favorite topic
  • Choice making in this song is great as there is no need for one animal to be sung before another.

I had a great time today working with a group today with this product. Later at a meeting I was excited to hear how it impacted the children. A parent commented that her child never spoke in more than one word and now was combining them. The physical therapist stated that she had tried for years to get the child to sing this song while she did an exercise and the little girl would just smile and now she was having a hard time getting her to stop singing. I love my job!

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