5 Little Monkeys


I love working with music with my students. Something that they are reluctant to do when presented as a work task they will do when it is incorporated into a song.

This song is 5 little monkeys hanging from a tree. It uses a count down as each mocking monkey is eaten by the crocodile. Incorporating the chomping of the crocodile’s teeth into the poem adds another physical element.

I have the children sing the song act out the chomping and take turns taking a monkey off the tree, counting the remaining monkeys and then putting the correct number on the lyric sheet.

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 9.59.29 PM

The children love counting the remaining monkeys before those pesky monkeys tease poor Mr. Crocodile and another is eaten.

I created the song sheet that I use for TPT.


This is a fun song that has a repeating rhyme.

5 Little Monkeys swinging on a tree teasing Mr. Crocodile“ You can’t catch me!” Along came Mr. Crocodile quiet as can be and snatched that monkey out of the tree.

***( On the snatch clap your hands as if they were the crocodile’s jaw)

The song continues until there are no more monkeys in the tree and then this is the last verse.

No more Monkeys swinging on a tree teasing Mr. Crocodile “ You can’t catch me!” But here comes Mr. Crocodile Full as can be!

It can be used in conjunction with another product in which students choose which song to sing.


This product comes with a song base and then two sheets of song choices


This product allows the student to make choices as to what song might be sung.  I like adding different song choices so that we are not always singing ” The Wheels on the Bus’.   One of the choices is 5 little monkeys detailed above as well as Baby Beluga a FREE download at


The kids love choosing the song and then ‘reading’ the lyrics as they sing along.

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