Behavior as Communication

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Behaviors are a way that children communicate. Think about the newborn. The baby cries to get its needs met as the listener tries to determine the cause of distress.

We need to be the same kind of detectives when we see the older child demonstrate a behavior. We need to determine the cause of the distress and what the child may be telling us with this behavior.

One way that we can support positive behavior supports is to create visuals to assist the student in understanding and structuring the environment. This packet has a number of visual supports that may assist you in creating communication that is visual rather than simply verbal. Using visual communication is often a stronger system as visuals are more concrete and are able to refer back to contrasted to oral language which once you say it is gone.

I have created a behavior bundle that will give you a good head start in many of the visuals that you may need to support your students.

The morning checklist can then also be used as a data collection sheet.
First then board and First work then play explained
Break card explained
One more minute please: explained
I am working for explained
Listening rules explained
Morning check-in explained
First/then board
First work then play: white background
First work then play: color background
Break card white
Break card colored background
One more minute white background
One more minute color background
I am working for
Listening rules white background
Listening rules color background
Morning check-in

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