Let’s Sing a Song! Using a Song Choice Board in Education

I have always loved incorporating rhymes and music into my lessons.  Music assists in memory, developing language and often a child’s first vocalization can come as they try to sing along.

When we are working with children with minimal verbal language skills we need to look for opportunities to allow them to communicate. One way of doing this is making scripts at circle time that will allow the child to make a selection of songs to be sung.  When a child has a choice they often will maintain longer attention. This can also be a turn taking task with after the child’s song is over they pass it to their peer.

I have found that the children begin to recognize not just the songs but also which songs are the favorite of their peers, which is the beginning of social skill and friendship skills.

I have created a product that can assist in this and has 120 song choices. Some of these songs I have also made some additional visuals for and those have a link to them. Press  the red links.


TPT product ” What Song Should We Sing?”

SONGS LIST: This PDF has all of the songs: Preview Songs-compressed



It can be paired with my free resource also in the store Baby Beluga.

The child selects the song and reads the script.

If there is any song that you would like to see comment below.

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