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In the summer of 2015 students at Providence College had a project to examine communication disorders  and to construct a lesson plan for a read aloud.

They needed to take a trade book with a multicultural theme and prepare a 3-day lesson plan that incorporated the accommodations and structures they would put in place to develop and support the student with communication disabilities.

The book could have  been at any grade level  however if they selected a chapter book or a book for secondary students they used a selection for the lesson.

The project  contained:

Tier Two vocabulary and how they would teach and reinforce it
Tier Three vocabulary that will be directly taught
Cultural Themes that may need support and how would they would  do that
Strategies to build in to assist in getting the meaning for storytelling
Strategies and support for a retell
Label the specific strategies that would assist the students with:
Language learning difficulties

English Language Learners

Students using Augmentative Communication
Common Core Standards that the lesson covers/ Learning Objectives
Data collected
The below are examples of these projects:

Middle School %22 The Empty Pot%22

Middle School The Number Devil

Kindergarten Math Potatoes by Greg Tang

Kindergarten Bilingual Fire+Fuego+Brave+Bomberos+Lesson+Plan+2 (1)

2nd grade Vacation under the Volcano by Mary Pope Osborne

Preschool Raising Dragons

First Grade Sandwich Swap


Too Many Babas Lesson Plan by Michelle

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