Braidy: The Story Grammar Marker by Mindwing: A lesson on Setting


Mindwing’s Story Grammar Marker is a great tool to teach story grammar.  You use Braidy for the younger student.



The older children use a story braid


teacherMarker_03-040-large (1)However, there are times that students have difficulty with some of the concepts presented in the program. Children with language learning disability often do not have labels for common things. Then we need to take a step back and teach the concept prior to expecting them to understand it in a story.

Here is a PowerPoint for a ” Where is Braidy?”  that you can use to reinforce the concept of place. You will see that Braidy is in each picture as well as the ‘star’  which represents the concept of setting.

The Powerpoint can also be used to work on inferencing.

Where is Braidy

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6 comments on “Braidy: The Story Grammar Marker by Mindwing: A lesson on Setting
  1. THANKS, again for such hard work…. This will be the 3rd year I have used this ppt with a Kdg class and the students love it!

    • I am so glad that you wrote! Braidy is a tool that I love using with my students. There are songs that go with the different story elements that really have the students begin to have a solid understanding of what they need to remember from the story.

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