Some helpful therapy ideas


We are off to a GREAT start this semester. I wanted to share some of the great ideas in terms of the set up of the clinic room, therapy ideas and data management systems that your fellow clinicians are using:

  • Stacy set up her room so that when the child came in there was a variety of toys that he saw on the floor. This helped to ease a reluctant child to engage.
  • Heather put her clipboard on her lap so that the students were not able to see her taking data.
  • Taylor set up a test so that she could take data with her right hand and use her left hand to turn the pages
  • Kristen was flexible in her introduction to the game. Despite spending time creating a complex system of questions connected with Jenga when she saw that the student was reluctant to come into the room she was able to adjust and play a game instead.
  • Heather had some excellent visual sentence that really helped to organize a student on the spectrum.
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