Lesson Plans for speech and language pathologists

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Lesson Plan

Baseline level of performance

Procedure: Data:




 This is the format that I would like you to use for lesson plans as it assists also in writing SOAP notes as most of the information needed for the SOAP note is there. You should write the lesson plan is the order of what you are expecting to do it. This helps me look at the lesson as a complete session and I can give you some feedback as to the order of the lesson.

So if I read your first lesson plan and what your plan is to give an evaluation, I would recommend that you switch that up and begin with a less intense activity for the child so that they could get to know you and can establish a rapport.

You may not have baseline information for your first lesson plan as you are gathering that information in your first session or the first week of clinic. If you would like to use the progress note from the previous semester to ‘test’ if the child is still there after the break in treatment that is fine to put the baseline information there.

The first week your goal might be to determine levels that is fine as you need to establish baseline information first. There may be several activities that you may be doing to establish this baseline and that is also fine but please separate out them in your lesson plan.

It is best to have your data information in your lesson plan so I know what exactly you are measuring.

Baseline level of performance
Goal:. To observe joint attention and dramatic play to obtain a baseline. To develop a client- clinician relationship.
Materials: toy cars, toy garage, racing mat, legos

The cars, garage, racing mat, and legos will be set up on the floor. TR will chose which he would like to play with first. The clinician will engage in play activities with TR. The clinician will be looking for social pragmatic skills such as turn-taking, topic maintenance, following directions, requesting information, demanding information, eye-contact, and facial expression.


Eye contact
Turn taking
Topic maintenance
Following directions
Requesting information
Demanding information
Eye contact
Facial expression






 The SOAP note is your lesson plan plus S: subjective information and for Plan at the end.

SOAP note

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73 comments on “Lesson Plans for speech and language pathologists
  1. This was very helpful information. For one of my kiddos he struggles with anxiety and prefers articulation over any social pragmatic activities, so for my first session with him I planned the Entire World of-R Advanced Screening to begin because he is very familiar with it…Now I am wondering what I can do differently if social communication causes him anxiety I wouldn’t want to start with that?

    • If things are done in more of a game rather than a conversation things will go better. It is good also to give him something to hold on to as it will be a stress reliever. So either game pieces or a piece of play dough or figurine to manipulate may assist him.

  2. Very straightforward and useful format- I appreciate the utility of writing lesson plans that give way to writing SOAP notes and progress reports.

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