Vocabulary Development: Wizard of Oz


Wizard of Oz


Each year I chose a classic story and use that has the basis of my lessons. I  feel that it is important that our children learn the classics and not just the Disney versions of stories. So much of our literature is part of our culture and having a better understanding of the story will assist them in understanding our world.

I have always had a binder that I use to put the words we are working on in the binder. This year I am using a Powerpoint to make this digital. It makes it so much easier to add things in correct order. I have also found that it makes it easier to combine the lesson with my lesson on Framing Your Thoughts as we can then use the sentences in the dictionary to diagram.  I have been using synonyms to assist the students or using a student dictionary rather than a traditional dictionary as it is easier for them to understand and remember.

Vocabulary Wizard of Oz

Here is the sample of the Powerpoint.

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