Using the EET and Story Grammar Marker with The Great Fuzz Frenzy

The Great Fuzz Frenzy


I have been working with my kindergarten classes using Story Grammar Marker and the EET ( Expanding Expression Tool: see previous post November 4,2013).  Yesterday we listened to ” The Great Fuzz Frenzy” by Janet Stevens and Susan Stevens Crummel.  Prior to reading the book we used the EET to describe a tennis ball.

eet strand

We wrote what the students said on a white board and talked about what it would be like if we had never seen a ball.  This was a perfect combination of using something that all the students were familiar ( tennis ball) with literature.  After reading the story we reviewed what the prairie dogs said. We used mathematical terms to describe the shape and size.

We then used Story Grammar Marker using Braidy and parts of the Story Grammar Marker Autism Kit to describe the characters and the setting of the story.


The students were terrific!  We ended up role playing the prairie dogs as we discovered the tennis ball and had fun with the fuzz . The bully Big Bark came and stole our fuzz and we talked about how it felt when someone was bossing you around and taking your things. The children were terrific as they congratulated Pip-squeak for having compassion for  Big Bark.

It was fun to see the last page of the book and the student’s understanding of a circular story.

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