EET kit

I have been using a new visual tool, the EET or the Expanding Expression Tool.

It can be purchased through



eet strand


Each of the beads represents a different aspect of what you can say about an object or a picture.

Green: group

Blue: do

White with eye ball: looks like

Wooden bead: what is it made of

Pink: parts

White: where do you find it

Red with ? on it What else do you

The kit comes with a variety of tools as seen below:

Expanding Expression Tool Kit

One of the students used it well to describe some pictures that were presented to him. Then he went to the next task which was a barrier task and he showed word finding difficulties. The clinician reminded him about the visual and he was better able to describe the items in the barrier task.

Another student that is on the autism spectrum used it to assist her in doing a written response to a picture.  Her parent had asked her a variety of “wh” questions with no response. When instead she showed her the EET visual the student was better able to write her descriptive paragraph.

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