I have entered the world of Teachers pay Teachers!

I have dipped my toe into the TPT website posting my first product.   Baby Beluga

This is a fun song that many children love. Raffi a popular  child singer sings it and you can see it on youtube.

The song is about a little white whale swimming in the sea. The song has rhythm and rhyme that make it an easy song to learn. I use it with children to teach the left to right reading process. As we sing the song I have the child touch the picture as we sing.


It is also a great song to reinforce the /b/ sound. The /b/ sound is in initial position and medial position.


The song can help teach the concepts above and below. While you sing do the motions that match the concepts moving your hands up for above and then down for below.

Baby Beluga in the deep blue sea,

Swim so wild and swim so free.

Heaven above and the sea below,

And a little white whale on the go!

Baby Beluga, Baby Beluga –

Is the water warm,

Is your mother home,

With you so happy?

Baby Beluga Board


This is  a free download that you are able to get at:


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