Auditory Bombardment: Articulation Treatment

Articulation Treatment¬†Ear training or speech perception training is one research based treatment or Evidenced Based Practice (EBP) that is recommended to help the child acquire a perceptual representation for a targetted phoneme. Auditory bombardment is one way to provide many and varied exemplars to the student. The use of a story to provide this bombardment I have found more helpful in ensuring the student’s attention to the sounds. This packet provides a story with a variety of /f/ sounds.

I find that when I am introducing a new sound in speech therapy one of the ways that I like to do this is with auditory bombardment. I find that sometimes however that when there is a list of words the student is not attending. When I use a story I find that there is a¬†greater focus. When I combine this with some visuals of the story and also amplify the sound that this further increases the child’s understanding of the sound that I am having them produce.

Stories are a perfect homework for students just beginning to work on a sound. Families are anxious to be part of the process with their child, however, if the child has not had success in treatment you do not want the child to be practicing the sound incorrectly. If you give the family a story and explain the importance of this step you will be increasing the child’s exposure to the correct production of the sound.

One of the benefits of doing auditory bombardment is that I find that the students themselves begin to understand the importance of listening. I have been working with a young boy on his /k/ sound, after amplifying his listening of the story he now regularly asks for amplification as we begin to practice the sound.

I have begun to upload some of my stories to my TPT store:

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